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1. Red Poppies    Lyrics  Notes

2. Love    Lyrics  Notes

3. I Want You    Lyrics  Notes

4. Seventeen   Lyrics  Notes

5. I Love the Rain    Lyrics   Notes

6. Only You    Lyrics  Notes   

7. Connie    Lyrics   Notes

8. Vancouver    Lyrics  Notes

9. Too Much Drinking    Lyrics  Notes

  * Complete CD*  





1. Woods of the Cree    Lyrics  Notes

2. Warm Summer Night    Lyrics  Notes

3. Hold You    Lyrics  Notes

4. Badlands    Lyrics  Notes

5. Worst Blizzard    Lyrics  Notes

6. Buffalo Skinner    Lyrics  Notes

7. Burn the House Down    Lyrics  Notes

8. Flying Away    Lyrics  Notes

9. Mark the Moose    Lyrics  Notes

10. She's Gone    Lyrics  Notes


                             *Complete CD*  




1. Missing You    Lyrics  Notes

2. Big Hill King    Lyrics  Notes

3. Alberta Man    Lyrics  Notes

4. Red Poppies Growing    Lyrics  Notes

5. Barbwire Fences    Lyrics  Notes

6. Mary-Anne    Lyrics  Notes

7. Grande Prairie    Lyrics  Notes

8. Whisper in the Wind    Lyrics  Notes

9. Forest Fire    Lyrics  Notes

10. Simon Gun-A-Noot    Lyrics  Notes


 *Complete CD*  




1. Hockey Town    Lyrics  Notes

2. Diamonds for Fields of Clover

           Lyrics  Notes

3. CN Grain Train    Lyrics  Notes

4. Saskatchewan    Lyrics  Notes

5. Canadian Whiskey    Lyrics  Notes

6. The Kursk    Lyrics  Notes

7. The Manitou Stone    Lyrics  Notes

8. David's Song    Lyrics  Notes

9. Pouring Coffee   Lyrics  Notes

10. Baby, I'm a Train Wreck   

            Lyrics  Notes

 *Complete CD*