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I Want You

Released September 2011, this nine-song collection is produced by Carson Cole and Marv Machura.  This disc is classic guitar-driven western Canadain roots music with a bit of a rock edge.  In many ways, this disc captures some of the excitement and energy for which Marv Machura's live shows are known!


Warm Summer NIght



Marv Machura's 2009 release. "For all the warm summer nights: past, present, and future." - A big, warm, 1970s sounding disc: guitar-driven, Marv Machura songs with full production and rich harmonies; also featuring a duet with Ann Vriend. 


BIg Hill King



Marv Machura's 2004 release. Dedicated to the city of Edmonton and its great music scene. Beautiful acoustic guitar work humming along with engaging vocals in a lively and great-sounding production of Marv Machura songs.


Diamonds for Fields of Clover


Released in 2003, dedicated to Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Devner: the big three songwriters who have (and continue to) influence new music. - A full production disc with electric and acoustic arrangements of Marv Machura songs including favourites, "Canadian Whiskey," "CN Grain Train," "Hockey Town," and the title track, "Diamonds for Fields of Clover."