Marv Machura: Live Music


A Tribute to Life and Music of Gordon Lightfoot

Lightfoot’s most recent (and fabulous) release!

Lightfoot is one of Canada’s most iconic and legendary singer-songwriters. In the 1970s, over 80% of Canadian households had at least one Gordon Lightfoot album in their collections!

With a list of familiar classic masterpieces such as “Sundown” “Bitter Green” “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald” etc…that could encompass several sets of music, it is not hard to put together a set of amazing music by this artist.

Starting out in the Toronto Young Street scene in the early 1960s, Lightfoot followed closely behind the success of Ian and Sylvia Tyson but he soon eclipsed their fame with his International success. Yet, in spite of his global fame, Lightfoot stayed true to his Canadian roots and was the first to achieve this level of success without leaving Canada!

Machura remembers getting his copy of Lightfoot’s Sundown when his parents bought it home through the Columbia Record Club. Machura would sit by his parents big console stereo with his guitar learning the songs and the guitar parts. There was no bigger influence on Machura’s early years.

I did this drawing many years ago and glad I still have it! I would spend hours by that console stereo system (it was a Silvertone, btw) learning and listening to my parents, and later my own, LPs and singles.

Today, this love and admiration for the music of Gordon Lightfoot continues. Machura agrees with Bob Dylan who recently cited Lightfoot as his favourite singer-songwriter and added “When I hear a Gordon Lightfoot song, I wish it would never end.”

Marv Machura has presented and performed at several Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Concerts. See this video promo from a past Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Show.

Sundown: A Tribute to the Life and Music of Gordon Lightfoot.

  1.  Ribbon of Darkness Eb
  2.  The Way I Feel Eb
  3.  If You Could Read My Mind Ab
  4.  Sundown B
  5.  Bitter Green Eb
  6.  Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald A#
  7.  High and Dry C#
  8.  Talking in Your Sleep C#
  9.  The Circle is Small C#
  10. Second Cup of Coffee C#
  11. Early Morning Rain Eb
  12. Rainy Day People C#