Marv Machura: Live Music

“Country Roads”

A Tribute to the Music and Life of John Denver

John Denver is one of those artists whose music transcends categorization due to its universal nature. Denver’s music and personality have stood for something beyond entertainment–he has come to represent a lifestyle/life-choice of back to nature, love, peace, and kindness.

Over the years, Machura has had offers from concert promoters to promote Machura as John Denver Tribute artist. Machura has always turned these down, saying that he does not see the resemblance to Denver in their appearances–as well as Machura’s desire to play his own songs!

Nevertheless, Denver’s music and life have been a major inspiration to Machura, even causing him to wear hiking boots and checked jackets throughout his high school years. Machura remembers first learning “Rocky Mountain High” in grade seven or eight. “It was magical.”

Machura continues to find inspiration in the life and music of John Denver is happy to continue his legacy with his current John Denver Tribute set.

“Country Roads” A Tribute to the Life and Music of John Denver.

  1.  Welcome to My Morning
  2.  Sweet Surrender
  3.  Mathew
  4.  Sunshine
  5.  Annie’s Song
  6.  Rocky Mountain High
  7.  Flowers and Children
  8.  I love the life within me
  9.  Country Boy
  10. Grandma’s Feather Bed
  11.  Country Roads
  12. Leaving on a Jet Plane
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