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Marv Machura has recently started Okanagan Music Therapy after realizing the power of music as therapy in performing in many retirement/care/hospitals over the past five years of living in Vernon, BC. Since developing the foundations (see below) for his vision, he has presented his therapy sessions at several conferences and events and continues to book both group and individual music therapy sessions as well as book conference and retreat sessions. He says, “Music therapy is the new yoga!”

Okanagan Music Therapy is dedicated to achieving and maintaining your health and wellness.

Studies have proven many health and wellness benefits of music–and particularly the benefits of singing aloud with a group of people.  Physical benefits include looking and feeling younger: singing tightens and tones facial muscles while reducing stress and releasing endorphins and other healing/anti-aging chemicals.  Posture and breathing improve.  Mental alertness and acuity increase.  Some studies have shown that cholesterol decreases, and the progress and symptoms of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are slowed and mitigated through regular singing therapy.  Therapeutic singing has also been shown to treat sleep apnea and reduce many types of anxieties, depression, and chronic pain.  The list goes on…

Therapeutic singing can be part of your health and wellness practice.

When joining Okanagan Music Therapy, you are not joining a choir or taking singing lessons—although many people will learn to sing better.  The focus is on singing aloud in a group setting for health and wellness, much like a group yoga or an aerobic exercise session.

Participants do not need to have any musical background.

Sessions are typically one hour long and start with some breathing exercises and movement; the group is led through a repertoire of classic songs that are designed to exercise the mind, body, and spirit.   This repertoire has a basic core of classic songs but is always changing and evolving with the group.  There are song sessions that feature certain types of songs, certain artists, and other themes.

Group Singing Therapy Sessions can be part of your next professional development conference, retreat, etc.

Okanagan Music therapy does not use any pre-recorded music or backing tracks.  All singing and music is live and in-the-moment.  Participants follow lyrics that are downloaded or streamed on a phone, tablet, or printed sheet.  Led by the guitar, voice, and guidance of Marv Machura, participants sing along with each other in a non-judgmental and supportive group.

Marv Machura is a singer/songwriter who has been a lifelong musician, teacher, and entertainer.

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Find health, wellness, peace, contentment, happiness, anti-aging, and other good things through Okanagan Music Therapy and Marv Machura Music