Live at Match Eatery and Pub

I am looking forward to being back at Match Eatery and Pub at the Vernon Casino this Friday–the start of the long weekend. Great food, drink, free pool, great staff, etc….”I love this bar.” – Toby Keith.

Harpdog Brown

Sorry to hear of the untimely passing of Harpdog Brown.

I, like so many others, am saddened and shocked to hear this news.

I knew him for many years as a fellow performer and recording artist based out of Edmonton. He and I shared many laughs and good times together off and on stage. I used to call him my favourite harp player and indeed he was.

My favourite memory is a time he was managing a tavern in Mirror, Alberta, and he booked me and my band to play for a couple of nights. Well…putting Dog (that’s what he wanted to be called) in charge of the bar was a bit like putting a coyote in charge of a henhouse. It was mayhem—and so much fun. He joined us on stage both nights and, as was his typical style, “blew the house down” with his performances.

To see all the outpouring of grief, love, and admiration for him is good to see. Being a performer, recording and touring artist is a rough road and not too many of us can appreciate what it takes to do what he did—and make look easy.

But, we all know and can feel that hole in the fabric of our lives that he touched and filled with music aches with the echoes and reverberation of those notes that now can only live on in our memories. Take care, friends and be sure to make the most of each moment of miracle that is life and keep live music alive in our lives as I know Dog would want more than anything else.

Live Music at Polson Park for Canada Day

Hi Friends,

I will be at Polson Park on July 1, for Canada. I will performing at the main stage as part of a day of live music and events with these other fine local performers. I will be opening the show sometime near 12:00. Cheers!

Machura at Match Eatery

Hi Friends,

I will be performing at Match Eatery this coming Friday, April 1. I am looking forward to being in that great venue that is part of the Vernon Casino. Later start and finish: 9-12.