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Performing a few years back at Edmonton’s Churchill Square for The Works: Edmonton International Visual Arts Festival.

Welcome to Marv Machura’s Live Music Pages.

Marv Machura’s music has been described as “Neo-folk” which means it is a type of “new folk” music that follows the traditions of singer-songwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Denver.

Machura has been performing professionally since the age of 15 when he joined an active and popular Edmonton-area band called Mount’n Ash. At the age of 18, Machura started playing as solo and toured clubs across Alberta. And he has never looked back since then, continuing to entertain audiences as a solo and as band-leader over the many years (see the complete biography herein) up to the present time. Also, here is a video interview done a few years ago, but still purposeful.

Machura has released four CDs of original music as well as publishing 20 songs in Nashville. He continues to write and perform original music and is working on his fifth release for later this year.

Marv Machura’s music can be accessed on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon, and many other online sources.

With such a long career, Machura’s repertoire of cover songs is vast: but please see this current top-40 list for an idea of what cover songs Machura currently uses to entertain his live audiences. Machura’s Top 40 List of Cover Songs.

Marv Machura is pleased to present these three popular tribute sets when requested. (Click here for a quick look at tribute sets)

“Four Strong Winds” A Tribute to the Life and Music of Ian Tyson

“Sundown” A Tribute to the Life and Music of Gordon Lightfoot

“Country Roads” A Tribute to Life and Music of John Denver

The Kokanee Cowboys and The Marv Machura Band

For much of his life, Marv Machura has been leading bands with many great musicians and friends. Although he is not currently accepting any band bookings, he welcomes inquires as his current band “The Kokanee Cowboys” are in an inactive state, but will be soon performing again throughout the Okanagan and beyond!