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Performing at Predator Ridge, Vernon, BC

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Live Online Performance for Predator Ridge (Spring 2020)

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Performing a few years back at Edmonton’s Churchill Square for The Works: Edmonton International Visual Arts Festival.

Marv Machura’s music has been described as “Neo-folk” which means it is a type of “new folk” music that follows the traditions of singer-songwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Denver.

Marv Machura describes his music as “Western Canadian Roots.” See this recent video presentation wherein Machura describes that this means to him. He identifies with music that references the people, places, and history of Western Canada.

See Marv Machura’s YouTube Channel for all video releases.

“Red Poppies Growing” is an example of Marv Machura’s Western Canadian Roots music.

I Want You (2011)

Marv Machura’s records and live music can be heard on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon, and many other online sources.

Tribute Sets

(by advance request only)

“Four Strong Winds” A Tribute to the Life and Music of Ian Tyson

“Sundown” A Tribute to the Life and Music of Gordon Lightfoot

“Country Roads” A Tribute to Life and Music of John Denver

The Kokanee Cowboys and The Marv Machura Band

“The Kokanee Cowboys” and “The Marv Machura Band” are in an inactive state at this time; sorry!