My music has been described as “Neo Folk.” This is music that follows the modern singer-songwriter traditions of artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Denver.

“Western Canadian Roots” is Western Canadian identity. It’s music rooted in the people, history and land of Western Canada.

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Marv Machura is a performer, band leader, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. He has released four albums and has over 20 songs published in Nashville. Machura’s music is described as neo-folk and is rooted in Western Canadian topics, themes, and styles.

Marv Machura is a teacher. He has spoken at conferences, conventions, and other gatherings on the transcendental power of experiential learning and Marshall McLuhan media ecology. He has focused most of his career on teaching English literature/composition and music. He is a student-centred teacher and has published articles, poems, and stories about his teaching experiences. Click below for more information.

Marv Machura Teaching: Teaching, Learning, Speaking

Machura on McLuhan: Marshall McLuhan, Media Ecology, Futurism.

Marv Machura is a writer. He has published works in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, including his recent book of poems: Wonder. He has been a humour columnist and a regular contributor to other publications. He continues to write poems, stories, articles, and has been working on a book (based on his experience) of moving to small rural community to start and run a school band program. He recently published a self-help guide to Tarot Cards and metaphysical divination.

Marv Machura Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Machura on the Tarot: Metaphysics, Divination, Self-Help.


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