My music has been described as “Neo Folk.” This is music that follows the modern singer-songwriter traditions of artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Denver. These three artists are my biggest musical influences, and I have recently started offering tribute sets of each of these artists that I perform when requested.

I describe my music as “Western Canadian Roots.” I write and sing songs about love and life, but also from the perspective of a Western Canadian identity. I have written and produced songs that directly relate to both the present and past experience of this part of the world that has, and continues to shape, who I am and what I represent and celebrate through the magic and universal language that is music.

As a professional performing musician I have been “gigging” since I was 15 when I earned my first job as a guitar player in a professional wedding/dance band. I have never stopped performing since that time. Currently, I am working all over the Okanagan and Thompson as a “singing guitarist” where I perform as a solo, entertaining audiences by singing/playing a wide variety of cover songs as well as some of my own music in all types of settings, venues, and events.

I am also a teacher and a writer interested in curriculum and instruction, media ecology, and transcendental learning experiences. You can find this aspect of my life detailed also on this site. I have two books that I have written and are for sale on this site. Also, I still have CDs for sale, from the recently past days when that was the way most people listened to music. Nevertheless, all of my CDs and recently recorded and released music can be found online through all the major and minor channels that offer downloads and streaming.

Enjoy your visit! …this is the my official “Marv Machura” site and contains the latest information as well as background from my life and career.

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Singer-Songwriter – Teacher/Speaker – Writer

Marv Machura is a performer, band leader, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. He has released four albums and has over 20 songs published in Nashville. Machura’s music is described as neo-folk and is rooted in Western Canadian topics, themes, and styles.

Marv Machura is also a life-long teacher who has taught many thousands of students over his career; he has spoken at hundreds of conferences, conventions, and other gatherings on the transcendental power of experiential learning and Marshall McLuhan media praxis. He has taught nearly every subject (including biology and drama) but has focused most of his career on teaching English Literature/Composition and Music.

Finally, Marv Machura is a life-long writer who has published many works in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, including his recent book of poems: Wonder. He has been a humour columnist and a regular contributor for many other publications. He continues to write poems, stories, articles, and has been working on a book (based on his experience) of moving to small rural community to start and run a school band program!

Recently, Marv Machura has written a self-help book based on the Tarot cards. He has always had, like many other musicians and songwriters, heightened psychic abilities and during the past year, he wrote this book and is now engaged in working as a professional psychic as well as selling and promoting this new book: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot.


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