Marv Machura’s music has been described as “Neo Folk.” This is music that follows the modern singer-songwriter traditions of artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, and John Denver.

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Marv Machura is currently performing as a “Singing Guitar Player” in all types of setting/shows across the Okanagan and Thomson Valley where he also lives.

Please see Machura’s recent collection of Top 40 Cover Songs from his repertoire.

Machura is also pleased to present these popular, artist-tribute sets when requested.

“Four Strong Winds” – A Tribute to the Life and Music of Ian Tyson

“Sundown” – A Tribute to the Life and Music of Gordon Lightfoot

“Country Roads” – A Tribute to the Life and Music of John Denver

“Marv Machura is a winning singer and talented guitar player.” – Penguin Eggs Magazine

Singer-Songwriter – Teacher/Speaker – Writer

Marv Machura is a performer, band leader, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. He has released four albums and has over 20 songs published in Nashville. Machura’s music is described as neo-folk and is rooted in Western Canadian topics, themes, and styles.

Marv Machura is also a life-long teacher who has taught many thousands of students over his career; he has spoken at hundreds of conferences, conventions, and other gatherings on the transcendental power of experiential learning and Marshall McLuhan media praxis. He has taught nearly every subject (including biology and drama) but has focused most of his career on teaching English Literature/Composition and Music.

Finally, Marv Machura is a life-long writer who has published many works in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, including his recent book of poems: Wonder. He has been a humour columnist and a regular contributor for many other publications. He continues to write poems, stories, articles, and has been working on a book (based on his experience) of moving to small rural community to start and run a school band program!


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