Canadian Whisky

Hi Friends, I love this new promo by Crown Royal! I have the “Crown on home ice.” There is also a “Crown on away ice.” It made me think of my song “Canadian Whisky.” #Canadianwhisky, #westerncanadianroots

Land of Shining Mountains

The mighty nation of the Blackfoot People of Alberta and Montana called their land “the land of shining mountains.” Ian Tyson wrote this beautiful song with this in mind, and it captures much meaning and love for the land that is the stunning east slopes of the Rocky Mountains in this part of Western Canada. When the sun rises, it lights up the east-facing mountain sides and tops with hope and power that literally shines with wonder and figuratively shines in our hearts with joy in the moment and work of today melding with the future and past: an age of magical transformations. Thanks you, Uncle Ian, for this masterpiece of Western Canadian Roots music. #IanTyson; #WesternCanadianRoots; #BlackfootNation.

Photo by Marv Machura Abraham Lake, Alberta

Missing You

This recording from the early 2000s is still one of my favourites that I have done. I made the video sometime in the early 2010s.

For the video, I used one of those newly-available small digital recorders that were popular then. This was before our telephones became the amazing video cameras that they are today.

I used that camera to create the TiKToK-style video that you see in this video. I had done that at the beginning and the end of this video to make this more of “real” music video and not just a still-picture compilation video creating a musical collage and/or narrative. I know that this style is common now with our cell phones, but it was not so much then!

I was living in Edmonton Highlands community in a small house with my Golden Retriever, Jake, also featured in the video. It was a good setting for this winter-themed song!

Sunshine Festival

Hi Friends,

This Saturday, June 17, I will be performing at the Sunshine Festival in Downtown Vernon! 11:00-1:00