Marv Machura has recently published a book of poems; he also has been a professional writer/editor for many companies including Telus and CDI college. He also has been a regular humour columnist for an outdoor magazine The Alberta Outdoorsman. He is currently working on a book about a young man who moves from the city to a small rural town to teach music. His writing interests include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Marv Machura reading one of his stories at Story Slam at the Blue Chair Cafe, Edmonton.
To purchase this book in either electronic or book form, please use the contact page and email your request.

Pop Up Poems!

“Vernon” A poem about becoming and blossoming with joy and wonder at our possibilities . Complete with a legendary lake monster.

Three Poems on Bullying: Causes, Effects, Cures – “Love is more powerful than fear.”

“Gout Attack!” – For anyone who has experienced a run-away gout attack on some part of his/her body, you may relate to this one! For others: hope that you don’t get gout!!!