Marv Machura has recently published a book of poems; he also has been a professional writer/editor for many companies including Telus and CDI college. He also has been a regular humour columnist for an outdoor magazine The Alberta Outdoorsman. He is currently working on a book about a young man who moves from the city to a small rural town to teach music. His writing interests include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Marv Machura reading one of his stories at Story Slam at the Blue Chair Cafe, Edmonton.

Pop Up Poems!

“Vernon” A poem about becoming and blossoming with joy and wonder at our possibilities . Complete with a legendary lake monster.

Three Poems on Bullying: Causes, Effects, Cures – “Love is more powerful than fear.”

“Gout Attack!” – For anyone who has experienced a run-away gout attack on some part of his/her body, you may relate to this one! For others: hope that you don’t get gout!!!