Marv Machura has published many articles for magazines and academic journals. He was a regular humour columnist with the still-running outdoors publication: The Alberta Outdoorsman.

Marv Machura is a avid outdoorsman; he enjoys climbing mountains, hiking up mountain rivers and streams, spending days on safari in the “bush” as we say. His photography and writing have often chronicled his adventures.

Machura is currently working on a collection of his “Camp Talk” humour columns.

Marshall McLuhan’s writings continue to have an impact on Marv Machura’s thinking and writing and his collection of “Machura on McLuhan” is also in the planning stages of publication.

Machura also continues to write education-related articles and blogs; a long-term plan is to collect all of these into a small book on transcendental educational experience.

Pop Up Non-fiction

“A Guide to Camp Guys” A favourite column from Machura Camp Talk publications; Camp Guys are –really!–a complex species.

“No More Sex, Beer, and Cigars” Another popular issue with the title slightly inaccurate.

This picture of Marv Machura getting ready to go fishing in grizzly country by Hinton, AB. This is the picture that was used each month for my humour column Camp Talk published in The Alberta Outdoorsman magazine.

“No Conflict. No Story.” The outdoors should be a challenge for us–in spite of all the gear and vehicles out there that aim to take the challenge out of the experience and make camping, hunting, and fishing easier.

“The Classroom Speaks and Saves Itself” How can the classroom survive in the changing media environment? Machura on McLuhan

“Vignettes of Teaching Disadvantaged Adults in Small Communities” A personal account of teaching adult upgrading classes in small rural communities in Alberta.

“Machura on McLuhan: Internet Porn” An overview of why we marry our technologies.