Machura on McLuhan: Internet Porn

We wed our tools and technology with the love and commitment of the pair-bonding behaviour of our species.    The club and the book are both tools that have been loved and wedded to us in times past: as in this case, the tribal human with his/her club and print human with his/her book.  We also forge with the technologies behind these mediums (the stone axe, the printing press) that make our relationship and marriage possible in the first place.

So, it comes as no surprise that we spend so much time with our phones and tablets: we love them and are wedded to them in ways that our tribal and print human ancestors had manifested with the tools and technologies of their times.  The digital human marries data in the same way as print human and tribal human married their technologies and tools.  And it is worth noting, too, that size has always mattered!!  The biggest club, the biggest library, the largest data present the pattern plainly. 

Yet, the physical intimacy of the pair today presents the digital human with a technology that is not only highly sensual (stimulating many senses) in nature but also in explicit in its content.  Digital human can mate with his/her technology in the private intimacy of the marriage bed—and of-course, as with all media and technology, the vast majority of us do exactly that, and there is only a small percentage that do not.  Studies consistently label porn as the largest component of the Internet and count over 90% of us as porn users—or let’s say the vast majority of us these days are literally having sex with our phones and tablets more than with fellow “real” humans. 

It follows naturally that the android-lover or sex/companion dolls are booming in popularity.  In the sex/companion doll, we may see the complete closed circle of human-tool love in its jarring (at least to me) and literal context.  Human and human-made machine as one!