“Machura is making his mark.”  – Vernon Morningstar

“We received great feedback about your performance and really enjoyed having you here.   Hope to have you back again for next year’s patio series. Thanks again!”   – Torrie Silverthorn, Marketing Specialist, Predator Ridge

“Machura is a winning singer and talented guitar player.”  – Penguin Eggs Magazine

After looking at some of his videos through his website, we hired Marv to play at a private afternoon party in Kelowna and everyone loved him and especially loved his music!  He was very engaging with the guests and played lots of songs that we all knew. 

We’d hire him again whenever we have a party, just hope he doesn’t get too popular! – Joe and Patricia

Marv Machura playing with some friends at Justice Park Vernon

” Marv Machura has played a weekly music gig at the Den at Silverstar Mountain for the 2016/2017 season.  Marv is highly reliable and it has been fun to have him on board and playing at the Den.  He interacts with the crowd and often gets them creating their own dance floor whilst playing requests.  I regularly receive positive feedback from customers complementing his talent.  Thanks for a great season Marv, I look forward to inviting you back to the Den next year.  – Chris Zahara, Manager, Silverstar Resort

“Imagine John Denver with an electric guitar—a crowd favourite.” – Edmonton Full Moon Folk Club

“Machura brings a wealth of experience to the Okanagan where he now performs all over the Okanagan.” – The Daily Courier, Kelowna.

“Thank you so much for entertaining us! We are looking forward to your return.” – Echo Vogt, Guest Services Manager, Gateway Casinos, Kamloops

“Edmonton’s hottest folk-rocker; don’t miss this show!” – The Sound of Edmonton 97.5 FM

“Marv Machura creates pure Canadiana, spinning tales that span

the breadth of this land.”- John Rutherford, Alberta Sessions

“Thank you for making our celebration extra special; everyone loved you, especially us. You added the love at the “love shack.” Looking forward to having you back again.”   – Dinah Canart

“Johnny Horton bold, Marv Machura’s Alberta voice reminds me both of Ian Tyson and the singers from 1960s Hawaiian films. I like Machura’s direct style.Yeah!”   – Fish Griwkowsky, See Weekly

“Marv Machura shows influences of Ian Tyson, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, and John Denver but casts himself against type, opting for electric guitars and power chords. The combination works surprisingly well. Machura also on guitar, sounds a lot bigger than just a trio.”   – Ron Chambers, Legacy Magazine

“Big and heavy ’70s-style rock.There’s a folk-inspired vibe that carries through as Machura sings original songs that are right out of the tradition of narrative songwriting, telling stories of blizzards, badlands and oil patches. He can turn it up loud, too, as he does for a crushing take on the traditional “Buffalo Skinner.”- Eden Munro Vue Weekly

“Marv is the essential Alberta Roots musician. His songs cover the gamut of experience from Cowboy love songs, to First-nation legends, to hockey stories. He is a prolific songwriter, telling great stories within and between his songs. He leads a great band that have the chops in spades… and you’ll love his hair.  –Blue Chair Café

“This folk rocker insists on authenticity and is what Machura has strived for throughout his career.    -Carson Mills, Stony Plain Reporter

“One-of-a-kind energetic, artistic, and engaging performance this past Saturday at Brittany’s Lounge; it re-awakened my sense of live music and the community it creates—and you can dance to it! Kudos to Marv and his band” – Edmonton Examiner