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Machura on McLuhan: Introduction to the Series

Machura on Hamlet: About the “Lonely Land” and “Twilight Zone” that Hamlet finds himself in after the untimely death of his father and his mother’s “over-hasty” marriage to Claudius, Hamlet’s Uncle.

The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot Video: How to Shuffle the Cards

The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot Video: About the Tarot Cards

The Five Card Pentagram Video: Reasons for Writing the Book

Introductory Promotional Video for my new book The Five Card Pentagram Tarot

June 30, 2021: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot: a guidebook to reading your Tarot cards released. See press release here.

April 30, 2021: Reflections on Student-Centred Teaching: An article published in the spring issue of Canadian Teacher.

Reflections on Student-Centred Teaching

March 13, 2021: “South of the North Saskatchewan” song and video release.

March 9, 2021: “On the Road to Toronto” Song and video release.

January 9, 2021: “On this Beautiful Night” Song and Video Release

December 28, 2020: Song a Video Release “Just You and Me for Christmas this Year.”

December 20, 2020; Marv Machura Releases a new video and Christmas Song: The First Christmas Without You.

December 9, 2020; Marv Machura Releases new single “On This Beautiful Night” Produced by Ken Hartfield.

May 4, 2020: Marv Machura releases New Neo-Folk Song and Video About the Chilcotin War