Badlands Video

Hi Friends,

Here is an older video of mine. (One of my first!). I remember filming it in the Badlands of Alberta around Drumheller. It was a magick and memorable day.

Micheal Short and I just started driving around looking for places to shoot some scenes, and we, somehow, came across these locations as if there were forces pushing us there. It was classic. Kind of like, “Let’s follow this road, it looks interesting and then finding that abandoned homestead house that is featured here.”

We finished it all in a day, then Michael Short filmed a bit more story and scenes with Hailey Myrol at Hay Loft Acres near Sherwood Park where I was living at the time.

Hailey is a great singer and performer also known for her Mother/Dauther Duo, Myrol, with her mother, Joanne Myrol.