Remembrance Day 2022

A few years ago I was performing at an old-age residence and one of the residents (a lovely lady from England) asked if I knew “White Cliffs of Dover.” I said, “Yes, I know it, but not well enough to play it.” But I promised her that I would learn it and play it next time I was there. So I went home and listened to the song for the first time really hearing what this song was about, etc. When I started playing it, the song just hit me straight in the heart as I realized how beautiful and incredible it really is and couldn’t even finish it without starting to cry especially given that its message is still relevant. Some years later, I am able to get through it without the tears, but this song still has a powerful effect on me and I’m glad to share it here with you on this Remembrance Day, and every day. Cheers Friends. “NEVER FORGET.”