Missing You

This recording from the early 2000s is still one of my favourites that I have done. I made the video sometime in the early 2010s.

For the video, I used one of those newly-available small digital recorders that were popular then. This was before our telephones became the amazing video cameras that they are today.

I used that camera to create the TiKToK-style video that you see in this video. I had done that at the beginning and the end of this video to make this more of “real” music video and not just a still-picture compilation video creating a musical collage and/or narrative. I know that this style is common now with our cell phones, but it was not so much then!

I was living in Edmonton Highlands community in a small house with my Golden Retriever, Jake, also featured in the video. It was a good setting for this winter-themed song!