Waiting for it to Start Happening?

Just waiting for Marv to come take me for a walk…Cherie.

I find myself sometimes waiting for things to start happening. I find myself checking my email way too many times waiting for that response from some prospect or future deal/gig that I have initiated in the recent past.  This is not good. Instead, I should keep my focus on the future and what I want to see in it. The future will not manifest itself unless we act in the present moment.

Let the fire burn!

It does not pay to wait for that deal, person, or gig that may or may not come down transom into our life. Life is just like that sometime. Time keeps its own time. Instead of anxiously waiting, all that life-force energy could be focused on manifesting the future. Now is the time to put in an extra phone call and email or do something that will plant seeds of potential future engagement.

These times can be a period to envision the future, perhaps even re-envisioning it to better suit our spiritual quest and divine purpose. For me, sometimes I will pick up a new book to read or some totally different google search to see what rises out of the water. The point is to get away from “the wait” or the “weight” as it may metaphorically feel during these times.

Above the Columbia River, BC.

“Take a load off Fanny, Take a load for free” is how Robbie Robertson envisioned the “weight” or the “wait” as the principal character in this song is someone just hanging around waiting for the weight to be taken off—and literally go someplace new and exciting where life is happening. He sings, “Catch a Cannonball to take me down the line, my bag is sinking low, and I do believe it’s time” in the final verse of his song. After all the verses of spinning his wheels, “just looking for a place to hide,” he realizes that it’s best to not be “waiting for the judgement day.” It is time to take the load off and catch that Cannonball down the road.

Robbie Robertson performing in The Last Waltz. Photo origin unknown

Miss Fanny is there down the road. She can be seen as a manifestation of what the narrator is looking or searching for. And just waiting for her to come to him or just show up in Nazareth is not going to cut it. He needs to catch that Cannonball and pick up his bags creating his future in the present and letting go of the weight—stop waiting and get going.

Keep going…