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Marv Machura releases a new single: “On This Beautiful Night”

Produced by Ken Hartfield

December 9, 2020

Marv Machura has released a new single from his upcoming album: “On this Beautiful Night.” This song, written by Marv Machura, was produced by Ken Hartfield.

Machura met Hartfield last year when Machura approached him after hearing Hartfield’s work with the Symphonic Rock Evolution, a symphonic rock band out of Kelowna. Hartfield’s band is a sprawling, ambitious, and successful project that features six vocalists performing with a large orchestrated band performing Hartfield-penned arrangements of classic rock songs.

Machura was looking for someone to produce some of his songs with bigger, more involved production and arrangements. Machura explains, “I love that sound of well-produced, orchestrated music such as The Carpenters and Neil Diamond from the 1970s. Ken is one of those rare people who has that ability to put it all together.”

They quickly began a project that has now come together and is released. The song, “On this Beautiful Night” is a romantic ballad written and performed by Machura who is known as Western Canadian Roots singer-songwriter.

Although Machura’s singer-songwriter reputation largely stems from his repertoire of neo-folk songs, he has been writing songs for many years, publishing over 20 in Nashville and releasing four full-length albums over his career. He says, “This song is just a beautiful piece that I wrote, and I wanted to give it a great treatment before I released it. I am thrilled with how it turned out, and I hope to work with Ken on more music in the near future!”

The song can be found on all of Machura’s online music channels including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Music video release TBA.

See for more information and links to his music channels and YouTube video releases. Call 250-307-1505. Click on the image to access Marv Machura’s YouTube Music Channel.