On The Road to Toronto

Hi Friends!

Here’s the link to the video for my new release, “On the Road To Toronto”. Thanks, in advance, for watching/listening. I had a lot of fun putting this together! This project allowed me to look back on so many years of playing music professionally (44 years now, by my count) and just following my own dreams and somehow being compelled to keep on playing and writing songs and performing in spite of all the changes and all the millions of things that can get a person down in this business of music. Of-course, I am a long way away from the much younger man who nearly did exactly what the principal character in this song did (go to Toronto), but I can still feel that feeling and hope that I have captured it here in this song and video.

My thanks to all the wonderful players who I have performed with over the many years. It would be a book-length saga to get into all that and impossible to put into this short video.