My Ovation Legend Guitar

Hi Friends,

Just sharing a post that I recently put up on the Ovation Guitar Group on Facebook. I still call this guitar my “Canada Special” because 1867 is the year Canada became Canada!My 1867 Ovation Legend that was my main gigging and playing guitar for a few decades. I bought it at Lilo’s Music in Edmonton. It was one of the first thin backs. And at the time, one of the first acoustic guitars that could be amplified so beautifully.

I was playing a lot of single bookings at that time and was always frustrated by trying to put a pick up in my other acoustic guitar (a Yamaha), so this guitar was a game-changer!I remember the day I first picked it up and brought it home! 1985? I had just started teaching full time and could not afford the $1800.00 price tag (I think it was something like that.) but I was in love and I did not care if I had to eat wieners and beans for the rest of the year. I recall trading my Fender Rhodes keyboard as part of the deal and likely a few other things, so I could just take this beauty home. It was a good day!

This guitar has never let me down. It has been through so much and so many gigs. And while I do not play it much any longer, it is still wonderful and solid. Amazing. I LOVE IT, STILL.

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