Today’s the Day!

Hi Friends,

I have working on this website for the past few weeks and am now ready to start promoting it! Yeah! And now that I have my vision in place

My life has been an interesting, engaging, and exciting experience being a teacher, writer, and performer. I have done a fair amount of work in each of my three life disciplines–and continue to engage in them now. So, they are all up here with the latest information and updates. Thanks WordPress and the World Wide Web for the privilege! As imaginative as I was as young boy, I did not dream of this happening in my lifetime.

I remember when the Internet was first coming out; my brother who has always been on the vanguard of technology first showed me how he hooked his computer up to the Internet. He said, “See, I can find out the weather in Vancouver.” I said, “I don’t see much future in this Internet because who wants to see the weather in Vancouver!”

I also once said, “I can’t see a future in software because once you have the program it will never wear out like a machine, and it is all you need.” I think I said that when WordPerfect 5.0 came out.

Cheers! and happy launch day for this new site!

Pre-Internet Days: Ice Fishing somewhere near Smoky Lake, AB.