After the Storm

Lake Okanagan, Vernon, BC. Looking out over Adventure Bay.

Conflict is not part of the human condition; it is the human condition.

One of the things I have done since moving to Vernon, BC. is perform at many seniors homes and long-term care hospitals. If it were true that we are happiest when all of our needs are being meet, and we are provided with the most conflict-free environment possible, these places would be incredibly happy. Yet, the opposite is true–as with life in general.

A conflict-free life is not a life at all. And those of us who buy into the capitalistic/protestant work myth of aiming for a conflict free-future, as with a golden retirement and future bliss of comfort and ease, may be missing the point entirely. And importantly, we, as a society largely driven by this myth, are not only wasting the earth and all her abundant and precious beauty and resources the process, but also wasting our own precious few days and years that we are allotted on our wonderful planet.

The storms of life come upon us–and some we create ourselves. Either way, these conflicts challenge us to stand up, be human, and experience the range of emotions that are our birthright and ultimately the fire/rain that shape our destiny.

We can thank the storm–especially, as we carry on (stronger, better, and more humble) and perhaps with the divine spark of life shining a bit brighter in our eyes and smiles, for all to see.