The Medium is Still the Message

Marshall McLuhan’s Family Home in Highlands Community of Edmonton, Alberta. I used to live on the same street in this great neighbourhood and would frequently walk by this home which has now been restored and preserved for its historical and culural significance.

Here we are–another Sunday in the Covid lock-down of spring 2020. It is a beautiful morning here in the Okanagan with a promise of warm day ahead, of which we have had not too many lately.

I have added a couple of new pages to my website lately that are both directly related to the late, great media theorist, Marshall McLuhan. The first is a copy of my 1990 Master’s Thesis: The English Curricular Response to the Mass Media. In this thesis, I show how English Language Arts Curriculum has responded to the introduction of various media of communication that got their start and/or reached their peak during the 20th century.

Also, I have added another Machura on McLuhan selection: On Internet Porn. This is a piece that explores our pair-bonding natures and our relationships with our tools and technologies.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Life is good! And the “unexamined life is not worth living.” – JP Satre.