Spinning Our Wheels

Our vehicles of life can run a long time! They are born to go forward and not burnout against obstacles. Photo by Marv Machura

There are times in our lives when we feel like we are trying to get somewhere better than we are at—we can see it through our windshields, but vehicle of our life seems to be stuck in such a way that we are getting no traction, and thus, no forward progress toward that better place. We feel frustrated, at best, and defeated, at worst.

“When going through Hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill. If we are surrounded by enemies keeping us down and threatening to take us down permanently, find an opening in their circle; one step can take you out and is a better option than trying to fight them all at once!

Here is when we should look backward a bit on the road we have travelled to get to this point in a positive, not negative way. The positive energy of our past is with us during these difficult times and the primal seed of our purpose in life is still sitting back there in all its glory! All that we have done up to this point of unwanted stasis and potential burnout can not only propel us back into the fast lane, or at least onto the entry ramp to the fast lane or main road, but also provide comfort for the pain of the moment and hopefully keep us from abandoning our quest.

Keep trying to make it; break out of the circle of mental negativity. Photo: Marv Machura

To take this analogy a bit further, it is useful to remember that a car can travel many thousands of kilometers when traveling along the open road even with many starts, slow-downs, and stops.  (Without these natural braking, accelerating, slowing, cornering, and rough roads, a car motor could go even further without burning out!) But when we place our car against a wall or barrier and keep pressing on the gas, the motor is not going to last very long at all! So at times like this in our lives, it’s okay to take the foot off the present, look back to the past, and re-affirm our quest toward our future.

These times are primarily an intellectual challenge. Our mind can seem to be surrounded by so many negative forces that only way to break through them is with our emotional self. We could remind ourselves of the great unconditional love that the Universe provides for our lives and know that those pesky negative intellectual forces that stalling forward development and happiness are no match for this great love and life. Also, envision the future as full of great love aside from material and mental forces that can be a kind of distraction to the main goals of life.

Take stock of the great love that surrounds us. Photo: Marv Machura

Yes, our vehicle of life can seem hopeless stuck in the rut of maxed out credit cards, no job prospects, or no advancement prospects. We can feel the points of all these blades pointing our way as if we are surrounded by enemies trying to keep us down and in place. The way to cut through this difficult surround is to keep our minds focused on the main goal ahead. It is like if we were surrounded by six swordsmen and we are armed with a single sword, the best bet is to cut through an opening rather than fight them all at once. One swift step out of that circle of swords, then trusting to the inevitable push and pull of the Universe to keep us going. After all, the Universe is fundamentally a stable place, but its stability is manifested through change and as such, like the ocean tides as the moon pulls and loosens its gravitational grip on them, does not want you to stay stuck in any position for too long!

Life is good and does not stand still; it calls us to go forward and break through the negativity of giving up the great quest of our existence.