Stability in Completion

We should celebrate all completions!  In fact, a day without celebratory moments and time-outs does not appear in the Universe’s day schedule.  What we find also in celebrating our achievements is stability. Stability is good—and needed for harmonized leaps into the future as the world keeps turning and introducing new conflicts with which our mind, spirit, and bodies to struggle.

Photo by Marv Machura

After a struggle comes completion, stability, and celebration. These struggles do not need to be epic! Or age-marking struggles. After I have engaged in trimming the grass in my yard, for example, I open my fridge, take out a cold beer, open it, pour in a glass, and enjoy! This beer tastes so good! It’s goodness is directly related to the celebratory nature that we infuse in it. There is a brief pause in the struggle of keeping a neat yard as I survey my handiwork. I feel as stable as my nearly-level lawn and neat trim lining the flower beds, fences, and trees.  I understand that this feeling cannot and should not last. Even as I look at my grass in that almost-stalled and wonderful moment, the force of life is pushing alterations and growth that soon enough could/would/should easily obliterate this neat, stable, and tidy yard before me.

Ahhh…that moment to be enjoyed! We must remember to schedule it in our day plan. It is just as important as scheduling the daily struggles and challenges needed in our lives. I know that I have often neglected these precious and important moments as I feel there is just too much to do and this break-time can wait.  And, up to a point, these moments when we literally break (or brake) time can be postponed—but they should never be forgotten or worse yet, forsworn!

Photo by Marv Machura

When it comes to larger struggles that exist over expanses of time, there also should come times to feel completion, closure, stability. Recently, I was terminated from a long-term job. I was ready to leave it regardless, but it took a while for me to reach that celebratory completion that would have been there from the day of my voluntarily exit! As it was, it took me a bit longer to close and move on. It was a ragged experience in the sense that my fire kept going up and down in fits as I either metaphorically threw wood on the fire or let it burn down. By contrast, completion is the steadily burning fire. The moment I had to get to with this struggle was that moment when all the wood is burning perfectly in a circle of life/death. In the life and death of a fire this is when there is enough heat from the past and enough new wood for the present to reach that sweet spot where we can sit back and enjoy the warmth of our efforts, as time stands as still as it can be, and we are as stable as we can be.

We need these times because the Universe and our own spirit will nudge us onward toward the uncertain future, and when that inevitably occurs, it is best if we are rest-assured, thankful, and full of the love of creation as well as the wonder of self. These powerful elements will better impel and position us for the next phase, challenge, conflict, and growth.

It is better to have some closure and finality even if our satisfaction with the near past was not as self-fulling as it could be than to not have that closure.  In spite of our natural restlessness and uncontainable quest for challenge and conflict, these moments of completion and stability are much needed and should be enjoyed!

Photo by Marv Machura