Speaking Your Truth; Ignoring Lies

Truth is something we find inside and outside ourselves. Truth is one of the primary principles of the Universe. It exists outside of us and in us. Of-course this is because we are children of the Universe, in spite of some lies to the contrary that we, as a species, seem to propagate.

Image from Healthy Companies Blog. Let the inner person and outer person be the same.

When we forget that we belong here, and we are part of this cosmic magic, we drift into the abyss of the will. Another way to see this drifting is to imagine the nothingness or complete isolation from the contexts into which we are born and live. It is a place without colour and fellowship in life.

We are Children of the Universe.

It is dangerous to be human because of our heads are so full of ourselves that this ego/will/head can detach from its bodily and cosmically joined heart and simply go its own way. It is possible for our rational minds to justify the most insane cruelties that hearts would never allow. It is possible for our heads to metaphorically detach and be held by the most cruel and negative forces that push truth aside with equivocations.

There are so many examples of this in our history such as Nazi Germany’s death camps. Imagine all those people who did unspeakable things to their Jewish brothers and sisters as detached heads held by a massive lie personified in the leadership of their country. A danger in using this example is that it can suggest that the head/heart separation only occurs in extremes such as this. But this is not so. All of us separate our heart and head when we allow our food animals such as chickens and pigs to suffer unspeakable lives in wire cages and sunless barns. Picking up that bargain eggs and bacon rather than sourcing from humanistic sources that allow these animals to have good lives–and just one bad day, is a type of equivocation contrary to the truth in our hearts that would not do this knowing the cruelty that is present in that breakfast.

Tarot image by Ben Ebell

As we understand the quantum theory universe (its all a cosmic vibration), we need to ignore the lying and equivocating head and listen to the truthful heart. When our will is properly directed it can be like the Queen of Swords (in some Tarot decks) lopping of the heads of those lying people and institutions and ideologies who have already separated their heads from their hearts metaphorically and practically. A truthful person will stand tall with his/her sword of truth that will cut down those heads who are so full of lies. An image on which to meditate may be something like a queen holding this sword (as a reflection of yourself) in one hand and the severed head of a liar in the other hand.

A wonderful future cannot be had through lies: only through truth. This applies to individual people as well as institutions and countries. So we need to hold that sword of truth, metaphorically beheading those liars that surround us and whom already have, tragically, dis-joined their heads from their hearts. It will lead to a future of us being able to shine and vibrate at wonderful frequencies that the Universe supports, emboldens, and wants for us all.