Manifest Your Will

The Road Less Travelled by Steve Hanks

We all would like life to go our way. This is what is meant by manifesting our will. It may be a time in our lives when we are at the crossroads of some change typically forced on us, or something we stumbled into. This COVID virus is a good example of something that has forced many of us to that crossroads.

Standing there in a kind of limbo looking down the roads open before us and knowing that there is no going back to travel them all. So what can we do to start life going our way?

Step one is to clarify our will. We need to imagine ourselves with what we want and start today on using all the resources available to us to begin the manifestation. It is a good time to take an inventory of all the blessings/strengths to which we have ready access in the now.

Next step is to look back and inventory all the accumulated wisdom of our past. After all, what is life, if not an accumulation of wisdom? Perhaps some of us cannot get over the pain and anger of the past which forms a great barrier to benefiting from all the light and love hidden back there. We need to envision that in the dark cave of our past life, there is a wise hermit carrying a lantern holding our light of life ready to brighten and enlighten our present. We should not be afraid of this hermit in us. The hermit has so much wisdom to give!

When we manifest our will, our cups fill up with radiant energy, and we see our reflections as beautiful, full of character and grace rather than self-loathing and other very dangerous ways of looking at ourselves.

Between the Cars by Mark Lague

The future, past, and present are all connected intimately when facing these crossroads or multiple pathways. We should not wait to start the journey down a chosen pathway today. That pathway is formed by the Universe, of-course. But we are the free-willed children of this Universe. And the Universe loves us and wants us to be in harmony with its magic pulse. Our will, manifested, will shine light and create good energy and perhaps even help in the bringing forth of new, and beautiful life into this enchanted space in which we dwell.

One Step at a Time by Steve Hanks