New Video and Song and Article

Hi Friends,

I have been having a great time teaching for the College of New Caledonia over the past four months. It is a great college with a great faculty and staff. I have been teaching online English courses, but alas, the term will come to its conclusion today.

In between times since my last post, I have released a couple of songs and related videos. The first release is my song “On the Road to Toronto” and the next one is my song “South of the North Saskatchewan.”

I have also recently published an article in Canadian Teacher magazine: “Reflections on Student-Centred Teaching.”

My new book on the Tarot, is nearing completion!

I am looking forward to publishing it soon.

Life is good, and I hope all is well with you and yours. Let’s keep hoping and praying that our world will stay peaceful and open up again with all the wonderful things we have been missing during the past year with COVID restricting so much of our way of life and our basic freedoms and human needs.