The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot

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For Immediate Use: June 30, 2021

Marv Machura, Releases Book on the Tarot

He says this book is designed to help people move forward with their lives

Book Cover

Marv Machura has released a new book on the Tarot: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot.

The book is a guidebook to divining your future with the Tarot Cards. Machura’s book can be used by anyone to engage with the Tarot card deck. Machura says, “The Tarot deck is an amazing legacy handed down through the ages that provides a visual and iconic representation of the complex nature of our humanity.” He further says, “This book has the potential to help many people through its explanations and divinations of each card in the Tarot deck.”

The book focuses on the five-card pentacle layout which uses one card drawn from each part of the deck and arranged in a classic pentacle shape. This five-card pentacle layout speaks to the present and near‑future in an immediate and comprehensive way, giving readers advice on various aspects of their lives including their spirit (Trumps), energy (Wands), emotions (Cups), thoughts (Swords), and money (Pentacles).

The book shows you how to use the Tarot deck to give advice and direction for your life and also provides information on the Tarot deck and its use as a fortune-telling medium.

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This book is currently available at all online booksellers, Expressions of Time (in Vernon), and in person or through Machura’s website.