October Review

Hi Friends!

It has been a busy month as far as releases and news go: since the market season ended for me, I have had more time to get a few things out there.

I am glad, for example, to have republished my book of poems, Wonder, as a ebook. It turned out really nice with the addition of many of my colour photos that I have taken and added to the book! Please see my new release pages for more information.

Also, my book on the Tarot: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot, also finds itself in an ebook version as of this month.

I started a long-delayed video series on Marshall McLuhan media ecology as well as producing a few more videos about the Tarot. See my YouTube Channel.

I have been busy with my recording equipment, and plan to have a few more singles released before year’s end.

I can see a bit of snow on Okanagan Valley’s highest peak in the distance. Terrace Mountain. The locals have told me that this mountain is their season-change talisman. It’s not summer until all the snow has melted from its peak, so I guess this means that winter itself is on the way!